What's a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions in one place in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere (your rides).

Where is my donation going?

There are many different strategies to offset emissions. Our partner, Carbonfund.org, works on energy efficiency, protecting and expanding forests, and renewable energy.

Where are the projects?

All over the world! Carbonfund.org is working on improving energy efficiency in Kenya, reforestation in Panama, building wind farms in China, and much more.

Can offsets solve global warming?

Offsets are just one part of proposed solutions. Carbonfund.org’s efforts are completely voluntary. Collectively, we need to support the international agreements to help solve the larger issue.

So what's next?

Our rideshare footprint is covering only one part of our annual impact, but it is a great start to the efforts we will need to contribute in the years ahead!